i want to pierce the ocean’s side
and then pierce mine.
and drink the surf. knee-deep and waiting.
wading through the salty tongues of all
the ones who think i’m fine
and kiss the lips of the girls who know better.
i want to go under an overcast tarp
to get lost in the waves, then evaporate while
they stare up at me.
i want to go under and bury both blue irises in the mushy floor
and listen for the rushing winds that bang and rattle
my drum.
then i want to drink some more and welcome the
white train of crusaders, evaporated sodium particles, flooding
my alveoli while my phalanges gasp and swell and my head quakes and i close the shutters.
pull the shades.
and i want to pierce the ocean’s side
and go under.
and drink deep and eternal.
and then piece mine.

(January 2006)

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