Out of time

Your years consumed
here [
spreadsheets and pensions
401k heart attack, red bull,
slim fast, sales cost analysis,
charts, graphs, shrinkage, cold calls,
“sell me,” you say, “and i’d buy. i would keep me.”
atomic clocks, the laughing, the typing,
the cold productivity,
and the reasons to compete with richard so-and-so.
salary commensurate with experience, retirement,
the ice age, glaciers, a frozen shore, line them up,
send them off, you wish she would
come invest with us, your block of ice
left you yesterday, and all along, you knew.
you just knew march was gone.
the laughing clowns at the office,
green bills and paper weights,
reports. yes. redlights blinking,
traffic overflow, taxis streaming over the edge,
blinding sun and heat wave, your suit, your tie,
your spit-shined, polished desk,
your fucking shiny novelty pendulum swings] and
and the beloved irises that visit when you wake.


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